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SineWaves - Advanced Power Generation Technologies

SineWaves Inc. has been formed by a group of like minded friends to cultivate an idea inventor Matthew W. Wright had for a new concept regarding micro-power generation, the Co-Axial Turbo Rotary Engine or CATRE.  With a Patent Pending and a working proof of concept currently undergoing development on our in-house dynamo meter, SineWaves is now looking to develop one its more advanced CATRE Configurations, the CATRE-I.  

Publication number US20110197849 A1

Our initial patent filing has been approved! 1 down and 1 to go.

The CATRE Patent has been filed in two parts, the original "priority date" is Feb 1, 2010 basically covers the fundamental concept of co-axial locating the turbocharger and the rotary engine group.

Then a continuation in part was filed on 07/12/13, which incorporated the co-axial location of the electric machine, cooling nacelle, etc.

CATRE Continuation In Part - What did we protect?

The major components of a “generator” have been fully integrated into one engine / generator assembly

The CATRE-I’s unique “co-axial” architecture allows us to efficiently package the engine within the generator and the generator within the radiator.  Initial estimates are that the CATRE will be 3 x more power dense using 1/3 less parts, when compared to similar machines.


•The engine / generator concept is a bit simpler than the PTO version, as it only generates electricity from liquid or gas fuels.  

•The pics below show a concept cross section of the device and a potential application, a back pack mounted portable APU with fuel source.

engine -generator.PNG