SineWaves - Matthew W. Wright

SineWaves - Advanced Power Generation Technologies

SineWaves Inc. has been formed by a group of like minded friends to cultivate an idea inventor Matthew W. Wright had for a new concept regarding micro-power generation, the Co-Axial Turbo Rotary Engine or CATRE.  With a Patent Pending and a working proof of concept currently undergoing development on our in-house dynamo meter, SineWaves is now looking to develop one its more advanced CATRE Configurations, the CATRE-I.  

The following shows performance estimations for our next prototype device, a micro-generator.

Although the concept is scale-able, we have chosen a target power output which is comparable the Honda eu1000i.  Below we are explaining our conservative performance estimates and how we stack up against both current generator technologies (above) and batteries (below).

CATRE - I vs. Honda eu1000i

CATRE-I is 10 x SMALLER and 2.5 x LIGHTER!


CATRE-I = 5L (estimated volume from CAD), Honda = 50L (estimated volume from dimensions above)

CATRE-I = 13lbs (estimated weight),  Honda = 33lbs (from above)

CATRE - I vs. Li-Ion Batteries

CATRE-I is 5 x SMALLER and 10 x LIGHTER!

Efficiency & Sizing Assumptions & Calculations: