SineWaves - Matthew W. Wright

SineWaves - Advanced Power Generation Technologies

SineWaves Inc. has been formed by a group of like minded friends to cultivate an idea inventor Matthew W. Wright had for a new concept regarding micro-power generation, the Co-Axial Turbo Rotary Engine or CATRE.  With a Patent Pending and a working proof of concept currently undergoing development on our in-house dynamo meter, SineWaves is now looking to develop one its more advanced CATRE Configurations, the CATRE-I.  

So what do you do with it?  You can put them in quad-copters or other UAVs, using them everywhere from filming movies or sports, parcel delivery, providing disaster relief, or searching for natural resources.  Think about it, why are we driving 3,000+ lbs cars to deliver to carry 3lb pizza's?  The efficiency to be gained is in reducing the scale of the vehicle!

CATRE-I & IO: Immediate Market Opportunities

Potential customers / applications listed below are accustom to purchasing “one off” or “low volume” technologies, thus reducing the barriers to entry.  

What does this technology do?

  • Extends flight time by up to 10 times (for a given pay load)
  • Provides surplus electrical power for communication to base station (audio / video feed & control)
  • Allows for both "gas" powered flight for extended duration and electric only flight, when noise emission is critical.  

Who needs a hybrid micro generator today?

  • Television and movie industry
  • Agriculture / Land management
  • Fire departments / First responders
  • Search and rescue
  • Oil and gas exploration
  • Disaster relief
  • Robotics

Why a Hybrid Micro Generator?

Regardless of the "type" of battery one chooses, the energy density of liquid fuels is still orders of magnitude more power dense.  The graphs below illustrate this point, as well as the flying weight vs. battery life trade-off point.  This means the CATRE has a distinct advantage over both battery powered & liquid fuel powered craft.  Remember, the CATRE is approximately 10 x lighter than batteries & 2.5 times lighter than liquid fuel generators, for a give power demand.